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Hotel “Lepenski Vir”

Within the Djerdap National Park, known for its magnificent natural beauty, lies the “Lepenski Vir” – a hotel of great historical value that is proudly named after the famous archeological site. Tucked away between the high slopes above Donji Milanovac, surrounded by forests, our hotel offers an exceptional view of the Danube river.

Way back in 1979. the hotel hosted a large number of adventurists, and its accompanying facilities – high quality sport and recreational fields, met the highest standards of that time.

A few decades latter, hotel “Lepenski Vir” was renovated to fit the modern times. With its grand space, program and offer, this famous Hotel is a recognizable tourist spot combining the modern era whilst keeping its long tradition.

This hotel’s successful business is reflected over its 40 year old tradition – the variety of facilities that attract tourists across the country and region daily, a friendly and dedicated professional staff, make this a perfect spot for an unforgettable getaway.

In addition a relaxing ambience will help you connect with nature, while a mild climate, clear air and untouched nature will relieve you of stress and will have a beneficial effect on your body and spirit.

The hotel’s surroundings are made for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking through the fairytale farms near the banks of the magnificent blue Danube
is just one of the activities available to our visitors, while the green hills and pastures in the distance will guarantee rest for the eyes and peace for the soul.

Hotel “Lepenski Vir” will provide you with all the necessary information for available excursions in the area, which are provided for all curious guests who want to experience the natural beauty of this area in an interesting and different way.

Captivating facilities within the hotel and its immediate vicinity are great for both adults and the little ones. This is exactly the reason why “Lepenski Vir” is the premier destination for ogranizing recretional excursions for generations.

Dynamic activities, cultural and historic monuments of wordly importance as well as quality hotel service, guarantee great fun, acquiring new knowledge and forging friendships are moments that will last forever.

Its important to note that the hotel “Lepenski Vir” offers you perfect conditions for a quality vacation. Nurturing timeless values, fused with an amazing ambience and untouched natural beauties of the region, our hotel attracts old guest to repeat their visit whilst incouraging new guests to explore all of its amazing features that will ennoble their hearts. All you have left to do is chose when, because you already know where your next vacation is going to be at.

Your next vacation eagerly awaits! See you soon in “Lepenski Vir”!


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