Djerdap National Park

A natural treasure of Eastern Serbia

If you are looking for a place where the laws of nature rule – where the wildlife is untouched and diverse, privileged by a mild climate and geographical position, and where every stone hides the story of ancient civilizations and past times, Djerdap National Park is the place for you!

The largest national park in Serbia

Djerpad National Park is the largest national park in Serbia. It covers an area of 63,786.5 hectares, of which most of the territory is in a protected zone due to its exceptional importance. This large area in the northeast of the country is bordered by about 100 km of the right bank of the Danube from Golubac to Karatas near Kladovo, as a natural border with neighboring Romania. It extends to the south along the watershed of the Danube and Peka, as well as the highest parts of Liškovac, Veliki Greben and Miroč. The height of this exceptional area ranges from 50 to 803 m above sea level. Djerdap National Park includes parts of three municipalities: Golubac, Majdanpek and Kladovo.

Geographical beauties that leave you breathless

The Djerdap gorge is the longest, largest and oldest gorge in Europe. It consists of four smaller gorges and three valleys that alternate. Its parts, the Little and the Great Cauldron, stand out with their mesmerizing beauty. The place where the Danube is the narrowest and deepest (about 90 m) throughout its course is located right in this part. Known as the “Iron Gate”, this strait attracts many river enthusiasts. The river itself springs in the distant Black Forest and flows through 10 countries of the Old Continent.

Lookouts in front of an inconceivable horizon are scattered throughout the Djerdap National Park. The view from Kapetan Mišinog mountain is one of the most beautiful on the Danube, and the sunsets remain deeply etched in the memory.

Wildlife diversity

Djerdap National Park is famous for its exceptional diversity of wildlife. Its biodiversity ranks it among the most attractive national parks in the Balkan. It is home to more than 1,100 plant species, an area inhabited by more than 150 species of birds, over 50 species of various mammals and 60 species of fish, which unmistakably proves that nature in this area is beautiful and the wildlife is very luxurious.

How diverse the flora of Djerdap is is shown by the fact that Josif Pančić himself often visited these areas, studying plant species with a lot of interest and attention, many of which have very interesting names – hairy trident, marble rabbit swan, yellowish shooter, rocky yolk, etc. The beauty of the lilac that grows here is famous all over the world. Walnut, yew, silver linden, periwinkle – these are just some of the magnificent inhabitants of the forests in the Danube valley, and the flower that occupies a special place is the Djerdap tulip, for which the Djerdap gorge is the only habitat in the world.

Bird paradise

The birds that found their home in the Djerdap National Park are the enchanting golden eagle, the snake eagle, the white-tailed eagle, the black stork, the gray heron, the barn owl and many others. The ones that make Djerdap internationally important are: the little crow, the dwarf eagle and the clicker eagle. The sight of birds freely flying over the endless blue of the Danube has a strong effect on the observer, allowing the observer to feel all the beauty that surrounds him.

The mammal fauna is also diverse. Wolf, jackal, wild boar, chamois, deer can be found through forests and glades, and Djerdap can also boast of some extremely rare animal species, such as bears and lynxes.

A meeting place of centuries-old cultures and traditions

Rich in lush flora and fauna that are few elsewhere in the world, this area is an unusual meeting place for centuries of cultures and traditions. Numerous historical monuments remind today’s generations that the Danube and its course have always been at the center of all important events in this part of Europe.

Hotel “Lepenski Vir” is located in the heart of the Djerdap National Park and is an ideal starting point for all those who want to get better acquainted with all the beauties of this unique part of Serbia. The stunning archeological site after which the hotel was named – “Lepenski Vir”, Trajan’s tablet from the Roman period, the fascinating Golubac Fortress, are just some of the significant attractions in the immediate vicinity of the hotel that attract tourists around the world and arouse admiration of every visitor.

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