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About us

On the Danube in the heart of Djerdap gorge,in its most beautiful, the picturesque town is situated the town of roses and sunset - Donji Milanovac. Last thirty year is facing to tourism which simply imposes a natural environment,the environment “Danube crovded” between the picturesque hills of the boiler door (narrow gorges and the most beautiful part of) the high place above Donji Milanovac (161 m above sea level) in situated greenery, with enchanting views, there is a hotel “Lepenski Vir” * * * architecture that simply springs from beauty environment and years, but is unbreakable connection with nature.

The mild climate with all the characteristics of the Mediterranean - the most favorable climate conditions for the human body, a large number of sunny days per year, rare natural beauty and a large number of cultural-historical heritage will make your stay unforgettable.

Spa & wellness center

The newly opened Spa & Wellness Centre Hotel "Lepenski Vir" represents a true oasis of peace and relaxation and a haven from everyday stress. Going to a spa is one way to get rid of accumulated stress and relax the too rapid way of life. Relax after a hard day's work, unwind after a hard workout and spend quality time together pleasant and good company and pleasant atmosphere.

For you real hedonism!


A great number of congresses, simposiumand ,seminars are traditionally held in aur hotel.

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The hotel offers ideal conditions for the preparation of athletes.

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Your stay in our hotel will complete with special offer - sightseeing tour of the environment and cultural and historical heritage.

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